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Daddy's Little Secret - Documentary Shoot

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Investigation Discovery episode,

Daddy's Little Secret,

begins shooting in Delray Beach, FL

Airing This Fall

Denise Wallace will star in a one-hour documentary based on her true crime book, Daddy's Little Secret. The premiere episode will be featured in the new Investigation Discovery series, The Truth About Murder. Production will begin this summer on location in Delray Beach, FL. Stay tuned for updates on the shoot.

Daddy's Little Secret on Wiki.ezvid

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Daddy's Little Secret has been listed on on Wiki.ezvid:

11 True Crime Books That Will Give You Goosebumps

First up, we have "Daddy's Little Secret" by Denise Wallace. Wesley Wallace was a beloved husband, father, and member of his community in Palm Beach, Florida. His gruesome murder was as baffling as it was unexpected, most of all to Wallace's young daughter Denise. As she tries to make sense of what happened, her father's tortured, destructive nature shines through. Wallace's stunning work begs the question: how much do we really know about the people who raised us?

Title Author(s)

1. Daddy's Little Secret Denise Wallace

2. The Forgotten Killer John Edward Douglas & Douglas Preston

3. Why We Love Serial Killers Scott A. Bonn

4. The Map Thief Michael Blanding

5. The Lost Girls John Glatt

6. Pilgrim's Wilderness Tom Kizzia

7. While the City Slept Eli Sanders

8. Finding Sharon Matt Birkbeck

9. Kitty Genovese Catherine Pelonero

10. Empire of Deception Dean Jobb

11. Rampage Harold Schechter

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A Palm Beach Murder Trial From My True Crime Book, DADDY'S LITTLE SECRET

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A Palm Beach Murder Trial From My True Crime Book, DADDY’S LITTLE SECRET

Rodney Clark, a fifty-year-old man from Jackson, Miss., is being tried in Palm Beach this week after being charged with first-degree murder in the 1987 death of Dana Fader. It will be the first death penalty case to be tried in the county since Florida got a new death penalty law in March. This is a Palm Beach murder from my true crime book, Daddy’s Little Secret:

“Detective Venetucci was not just a dedicated detective, he was also the drummer for the department’s rock band called “Night Beat” … He also became aware of how many murders might be deemed utterly senseless. Among these was the death of an attractive twenty-seven-year-old mother of three who was strangled in the backseat of her Ford Fairmont, and a seven-and-a-half-month-old who was beaten in the head with a clothes iron by her twelve-year-old brother…”

Fader was found still wearing the same dress as the night before, however, it was pulled up around her waist. A semen-stained pillowcase was found partially covering her left leg, finger imprint marks were found on her neck, and a “bite mark-like injury” was found on one of her nipples. An autopsy revealed that she’d been strangled. Fader was a seamstress and divorced mother of three.

In 2012, investigators matched Clark’s DNA to a blood and semen stain found on Fader’s dress. Clark could also not be excluded from the DNA on the pillowcase found in Fader’s car, and his palm print was matched to one taken from the right rear window. After finally being located in Jackson, Miss., Clark told detectives he lived in Palm Beach County in 1987 but denied ever knowing Fader. He also denied ever having sex with her, or being in her car. Clark was arrested for murder and extradited to Florida in 2013.

Florida Man Charged With Stabbing Mom To Death

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Florida Man Charged With Stabbing Mom To Death

A 22-year-old Florida man stabbed his mom to death in a violent and angry murder. Police say Michele Shimmel confronted her son, Nathaniel, at their home and asked why he was not looking for a job. She then threatened to kick him out of the house. Nathaniel told a detective that he kept stabbing his mother when she tried to get away and then watched her die. After she collapsed outside the front door, Nathaniel stabbed her one last time in the back. He then called 911 and initially said it was a robber but later confessed. Nathaniel was charged with first-degree murder and denied bail. 

More Children Who Have Killed Their Parents

Argued Over Grades

Tyler Blansit and his mother argued over the grades he received from the University of Alabama back in May 2015. The 22-year-old ended up beating his mother to death with a baseball bat. She was nearly unrecognizable when police found her body in her Alabama backyard.

Argued Over Music

In 1988, 16-year-old David Brom of Minnesota allegedly argued with his father over his punk cassette tape. Early the following morning, David then proceeded to bludgeon his father, mother, 13-year-old sister and 11-year-old brother to death with an ax. The victims sustained 56 blows collectively. David had told a friend that he was going to kill his parents just the day before. He was apprehended near a phone booth and had apparently given himself a dyed black mohawk sometime shortly before or after the murders. He was convicted of first-degree murder and given three consecutive life sentences after his plea of insanity was rejected by the jury. 

If you’d like to read a story about another Florida murder, check out author, Denise Wallace, and her true crime book, Daddy’s Little Secret.

Man Murdered Teen And Buried Body In The Backyard

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Man Murdered Teen And Buried Body In The Backyard

A Florida man is in custody for the murder of a 19-year-old girl he solicited online for sex at a Tamarac hotel on Friday. Brittney Taylor was seen on surveillance video getting dropped off in front of the Comfort Suites at 8301 W. Commercial Blvd. She entered a hotel room and video later showed Pearson leaving alone carrying a blue storage container. Detectives tracked the container to the backyard of a home, where they discovered Taylor’s decomposing body.

More Bodies Buried In Backyards

Indianapolis, IN

A body found last June may belong to Angie Barlow, who vanished at a party back in October 2016. A tip led investigators to a home at the 5300 block of East 43rd Street, where remains were found buried in the backyard. The homeowner is cooperating fully. He's owned the house for years, but hasn't lived there until recently. He and his teenaged daughters say they were as shocked as anyone when police came banging on the door with a search warrant.

Boston, MA

Authorities positively identified remains found buried in a Massachusetts yard as the man they have long suspected in the fatal shooting of a Pennsylvania police chief back in 1980. Authorities believe Webb shot and killed Police Chief, Gregory Adams, after the chief pulled him over for running a stop sign. Webb was a jewelry thief with connections to the New England mob. He was in Saxonburg to possibly case a jewelry store he planned to rob when Adams stopped his car.

Hale, MI

Troopers responded to a domestic violence situation and arrested a woman who then began making cryptic comments about a homicide. Police later unearthed the body of a victim buried behind a house in Michigan. Investigators believe they know the identity of the 72-year-old male victim and that he lived at the house he was buried behind, and that he lived there alone.

If you’d like to read a story about another Palm Beach murder, check out author, Denise Wallace, and her true crime book, Daddy’s Little Secret.

Triple Shooting Leaves Two People Dead In Broward County

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Triple Shooting Leaves Two People Dead In Broward County

A triple shooting near the BAM nightclub in Broward County, Florida early Wednesday morning has left two people dead and another hospitalized. Police responded to the scene off West Broward Boulevard and Northwest 28th Avenue just outside Fort Lauderdale. Wendell Soliphar, 23, of the Bahamas was dead at the scene in the parking lot. Louis Simon, 30, was also killed, and a third victim, whose name police are withholding, suffered minor injuries.

More Nightclub Murders

Little Rock, AR

A Memphis rapper also known as Finese 2Tymes, was taken into custody in Alabama last July after a shooting at an Arkansas nightclub that left 28 people injured. Ricky Hampton, 25, was arrested on outstanding warrants out of Arkansas. No arrests have been made in the shooting at the Power Ultra Lounge in downtown Little Rock, which possibly stemmed from a dispute in the crowd and may be gang-related.

Cincinnati, OH 

A shootout occurred at the Cameo nightclub in Cincinnati, Ohio back in March. One person was killed and 16 others were injured, including one of the suspects, who later died of his injuries. Hundreds of people were in the nightclub when the shooting began after several local men, who were patrons at the club got into an argument. It later escalated into a shootout between them.

Orlando, FL

An American-born man who'd pledged allegiance to ISIS gunned down 49 people back in June at a gay nightclub in Orlando called Pulse. Omar Mateen, 29, of Fort Pierce, Florida, called 911 during the attack to pledge allegiance to ISIS and mention the Boston Marathon bombers. He carried an assault rifle and pistol into the packed club and started shooting. After a standoff of about three hours with people trapped inside the club, police crashed into the building with an armored vehicle and stun grenades and killed Mateen.

If you’d like to read a story about another Palm Beach murder, check out author, Denise Wallace, and her true crime book, Daddy’s Little Secret.

Brooklyn Rapper Arrested In Florida Parking Dispute Murder

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Brooklyn Rapper Arrested In Florida Parking Dispute Murder

An amateur rapper from Brooklyn was busted in a fatal parking spat while visiting Miami Beach. The dispute soon escalated to gunfire with Jeffrey Alexander, 19, shooting 30-year-old Ladarian Phillips. One of Jeffrey’s three friends was trying to parallel park a white BMW that was too big for the parking spot. The driver kept bumping into a Buick, which prompted an argument with its owner, Ladarian. A second man was also shot in the leg before the BMW took off. The car crashed and Miami Beach cops opened fire, killing one of Jeffrey’s friends. Phillips was rushed to a hospital but didn’t survive.

More Parking Dispute Murders

Killen, TX

A woman was shot and killed over a parking dispute in Killeen, TX last Thursday. Police responded to the 1100 block of Willow Springs Road, where they found 23-year-old Raven Seymone Fisher dead at the scene. She had confronted a man about a parking complaint while she was armed with a handgun. The man, who was a licensed handgun carrier, attempted to defuse the situation but was unsuccessful. Police took him into custody but no charges have been filed.

Brooklyn, NY

Omari Dahan, 23, was fatally stabbed and his brother was wounded after they confronted a man who was blocking their driveway Sunday night. Omari started honking his horn and Djems Jean-Paul, 41, came out of a nearby residence. There was a physical dispute between them and Omari’s brother came out of the house. Djems then whipped out a knife and stabbed Omari in the chest and his brother in the arm. Dahan died at Mount Sinai Beth Israel, while his brother remains in stable condition.

If you’d like to read a story about another Palm Beach murder, check out author, Denise Wallace, and her true crime book, Daddy’s Little Secret.

Man And Woman Killed In Miami Murder-Suicide

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Man And Woman Killed In Miami Murder-Suicide

Isis Valdes Cruz, 40, was getting out of her car on Wednesday when she was approached by her estranged husband, Heriberto Garcia Ortega, 55, on 58th Court. They got into an argument and Heriberto slashed his wife's throat with a knife, then stabbed himself. Responding officers found Isis dead at the scene and Heriberto conscious but bleeding profusely. He later died at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

More Florida Murder-Suicides

Man Shoots Neighbor And Himself

Miami-Dade police were called to Miami Gardens Drive last June, where Manuel Navarro, 54, was pronounced dead at the scene after shooting himself. Yasmina Jamal, 61, was getting out of her car when her neighbor, Manuel, pulled out a gun and shot Yasmina. Manuel then walked to his apartment, where he shot himself. Yasmina was taken to Aventura Hospital, where she later died.

Triple Murder-Suicide

Linda Woods, 39, was found dead in a home in Malabar, Florida last June that police believe had been intentionally set on fire. The home was the residence of Tony and Chrissy Hughes. Sebastian Meachum, 9, was also found dead inside the home along with Linda and Chrissy. Police believe Tony Hughes killed the three people at the residence, set the home on fire, and then killed himself.

Murder-Suicide In An SUV

A couple was found shot to death in an SUV in Pembroke Pines last August. Officers found the bodies of a man and woman inside a silver Ford Explorer outside a home on 110th Avenue. Police say 38-year-old Ronald Bennette shot his wife, 39-year-old Shani Bennette, and then shot himself. Investigators don’t know why Ronald killed himself and his wife leaving their young child behind.

If you’d like to read a story about another Palm Beach murder, check out author, Denise Wallace, and her true crime book, Daddy’s Little Secret.

Shooting Victim Seeks Help At Subway, But Later Dies

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Shooting Victim Seeks Help At Subway, But Later Dies

John Roland, 49, died in surgery after a shooting in West Palm Beach. Police deputies were dispatched to a disturbance in the 4600 block of Myla Lane, but just before arriving at the scene, dispatch received a 911 call from a nearby Subway restaurant regarding a shooting victim entering the restaurant. Palm Beach County Fire Rescue transported the victim to a local hospital for treatment, but he died in surgery a little while later.

More Shooting Victims Who’ve Stumbled Into Restaurants

Bamboo Restaurant

A gunshot victim in his late twenties walked into Bamboo Restaurant in Palms, CA back in 2015 asking for help. The Bamboo is known for serving Latin-fusion cuisine. The employees called 911 when they realized the man had been shot in the abdomen. Paramedics transported the man to an a nearby hospital. His condition remains unknown.


A man who was shot in the parking lot of a KFC restaurant in Durham, NC back in 2013 returned the next day to thank the employees who called 911. Employees say the shooting victim fell to the floor saying he had been shot in the leg and that his wound was burning. He claimed the shooting was a misunderstanding between friends.


A bleeding man stumbled into a Denny’s restaurant asking for help moments after a shooting in San Pablo, CA back in 2015. A surveillance camera captured two people walking into the restaurant after one had been shot. The uninjured man then abandoned the shooting victim, who begged him, “Can you please don’t go?” and, “Call my baby mana at least,” but the uninjured man said “No, I have to go,” and he ran away.

If you’d like to read a story about another Palm Beach murder, check out author, Denise Wallace, and her true crime book, Daddy’s Little Secret.