Denise Wallace

Author of True Crime Books that are Sassy, Adventurous and In Your Face

Daddy's Little Secret, a true crime book

Daddy's Little Secret

A WildBlue Press original true crime story from the daughter of the victim, which exposes the inside story of what it was like growing up with a father who preyed on homosexual men by posing as their A.A. sponsor. In her quest to assist the detectives in finding the killer, the daughter and author reveals her father's captivating split-personality.

From the Book: "He cruised by slowly, peering intently over his steering wheel at the well-manicured grounds. Though he had been brought up in the Bible Belt of North Carolina, Wes had not attended worship services there. He had gone to the church on this day for another reason: Derek Carney.

Carney was a twenty-two-year-old white male who had been sleeping on the church grounds. Wes wanted to once again offer him a place to stay for the night and was hoping the young man would take him up on the offer this time. The young heroin addict had discovered that he could shoot up in the bathroom of the church despite his filthy, disheveled appearance and not get caught. Most other churches kept their facilities locked at night, but the pastor, Reverend Bill Withers, had a notoriously kind heart. The first time he had come across Carney sleeping on the church lawn, he had awoken him, invited him in for counsel, and taken him to breakfast. As Wes passed in his car the reverend gave him a wave from the open door of the church. Wes waved back at him and grinned, then threw his head back and took a long drag on his Marlboro cigarette."

From the Author: What surprises me about the book is my love of Florida that comes through. Not only is the book an inside look at the complex and fascinating psyche of my father, it is also a historical look at South Florida and it's colorful past. The reader gets to experience places like E. R. Bradley’s Saloon on the island of Palm Beach, where patrons were known to have danced on the bar as it became a rowdy party scene after dark.