Denise Wallace

Author of True Crime Books that are Sassy, Adventurous and In Your Face

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DADDY'S LITTLE SECRET: A Daughter's Quest To Solve Her

Father's Brutal Murder

is the poignant true crime story about a daughter who, upon her father's murder, must deal with his double life in order to help the police solve the crime. Author Denise Wallace had spent years trying to ignore troubling secrets about her father, Wesley Wallace, a trusted security guard of the Ritz Carlton Palm Beach.

However, that would change when detectives assigned to the case persuaded her to assist them in the capture of her father's killer. The trail would lead from the glitz of Palm Beach to the murky streets of the Dixie Highway. An inside look at the complex and fascinating psyche of a father who shared an uncommon bond with his daughter, and the secrets that would ultimately lead to his death.